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Plan your Lessons using Mind Mapping

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning

What Needs To Be In a Lesson Plan?
The key areas that a lesson needs to focus on are:

  • What do you want your students to learn, and how do you want them to be changed by your lesson?
  • How are they going to make that shift in knowledge, understanding, attitude etc?
  • How will you measure when the lesson has been effective?

The basic structure of a lesson plan is pretty much the same as those produced with the general planning methods. But teaching isn’t just about ramming facts into people’s heads. It’s about drawing them out into an attitude of curiosity and discovery in an environment that will foster their learning.

The Curriculum Mind Map

As per the general planning methods, you set out your goals in the center of your Mind Map. Now for a particular lesson, this will be the learning you want them to get from just this one lesson, but it is important that this is always in the context of the overall curriculum.

So let’s step back and have a look at the overall curriculum. Again, it can be easily mindmapped out into the main objectives and sub-objectives, and then down to individual lessons. So when you come to planning one specific lesson, you are taking a lesson from the curriculum plan and building it out to be a complete lesson plan.

Visit Lesson Planning at Nova Mind to read complete article.

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The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE)

The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is an Open Source project based at Tufts University. The VUE project is focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information. VUE is Java based program.

The Visual Understanding Environment

The Visual Understanding Environment

How is VUE different from existing concept mapping software?
Concept maps have had a long and fruitful history in education for both teaching and learning. They provide visual representations of complex ideas or processes and the ways in which these elements are connected or interrelated. When concept maps and the ideas they represent are connected to digital resources, as in VUE, concept maps also become content maps. VUE was designed based upon the need for easy access to and organization of digital content, whether local or stored in persistent digital library systems. The data sources and resource panels are designed to place digital files at your fingertips in support of content mapping. In addition to an emphasis on mapping digital content, VUE also allows map authors to create visual pathways through a content map and supports the assignment of author-defined metadata to map elements. These features make complex maps accessible to learners by providing a guided tour of the content and by allowing users to search for, display and/or conceal map elements in support of customized presentations.

Visit Tufts University to find out more information.

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Background Image

McCain and Obama MindMapMcCain and Obama MindMap

Sur menemukan sebuah Peta Konsep berbasis program komputer MindManager (buatan MindJet) yang menggunakan gambar di latar belakangnya untuk menambah semarak peta yang dihasilkan.

Caranya membuatnya adalah sebagai berikut: Klik kanan di tempat kosong. Pilih: Background -> Background Properties. Klik Select Image -> Browse dan cari gambar yang sesuai (tema dan ukurannya walaupun nanti bisa diatur sebagai Strecth/Fit di bagian Tile Options). Atur juga transparancynya sekitar 20%-an atau sesuai keinginan supaya gambar tidak terlalu mencolok dan mengganggu peta konsep yang dibuat.

Ide yang bagus juga untuk membandingkan Calon-calon Presiden Republik Indonesia mendatang dengan membuatkan Peta Konsep Perbandingan seperti gambar di atas, sehingga dengan cepat orang bisa bandingkan program yang hendak dicapai dalam masa jabatannya. Bisa juga untuk membandingkan 2 buah produk atau layanan (tidak terbatas membandingkan orang dengan orang).

Sumber Peta dan trick: Maplicious

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Shift Happens

By: Scott Raskin
MindJet CEO

What's New in MindManager 8

What's New in MindManager 8

With companies and workers facing the most challenging economy in decades, it’s clear that uncertainty is the new normal.   While businesses scramble to stay afloat, employees are struggling to prove their value, maintain their edge, and deal with the impact of down-sizing on their work load.   To make matters worse, the very technologies meant to make us more efficient and informed are actually making us less focused, less productive, and more frustrated.  According to a study by research firm Basex and reported by The New York Times, “information overload” was identified as the business problem of 2008 and estimated to be a $650 billion drain on the US economy. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and Oracle are all working to try to solve the problem that they’ve helped create. Something’s got to give.

At Mindjet we’re revolutionizing the way people work with information, ideas, and each other. For the last 15 years, we’ve been helping people who want to have an impact unlock the hidden value in information and ideas to stay focused on what’s most important, get things done and drive results. Our 1.5 million users are at the forefront of a revolution of warrior-like information workers taking matters into their own hands. These are the people we’re here to help. Read More…

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MindJet Launches MindManager 8

mm8gamechangerMindjet Launches MindManager 8 and MindManager Web to Help People Do More With Less in the Most Challenging Global Economy in a Half Century

Mindjet Makes Mind Mapping Productivity Available to All with the New Adobe Flash-Based Mindjet Player; Saves Time and Money for Individuals, Teams, and Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO – November 11, 2008 – With companies and workers facing the most challenging global economy in decades, Mindjet® today launched MindManager® 8 and MindManager Web™, two new products that help individuals save significant amounts of time, conquer information overload, and become more effective. Additionally, Mindjet delivered powerful publishing capabilities with the release of the all-new Mindjet Player™. For the first time, fully interactive mind maps can be freely shared so anyone can discover the power of mind mapping, and unlock its potential to create breakthroughs in productivity and innovation.

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MindManager 8 Is Out

Dream It. Map It. Share It.

MindManager 8: Dream It. Map It. Share It.

Sur have privileged to taste MindManager 8. It blow his mind with its incredible features. The first thing Sur noticed is red colour like fire (hot and wild) for cooking the ideas from the scratch into the realized thing in better way, as the new tag line says: Dream It, Map It, and then Share It!

The second thing is DataBase Linker. It can connect to various database systems. As simple as as click Insert – Databases – Select Database – Browse a Table – Make simple search – Choosing fields – Add to the Map. This feature will even more powerful if the user can create a SQL query on the database (Sur wish the SQL query thing in the next 8.x version).

Database Connection

Database Connection

Read More…

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