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Pindah ke

dear all,

sedang diusahakan untuk memindahkan ke ibarat seperti pindah-pindahan ke rumah milik sendiri, sederhana tapi memiliki keleluasaan yang lebih bebas.

Posted by: pkab | 23 June 2009

No Future Left Behind

Duration 05:46

Sur likes when they say: “Let me (dance/ show/ program/ build/ create/ etc) it!”.
Let us learn what they need now and let them embrace the future.

Sur see the concept mapping or mind mapping will suit their learning style in the future. How about you?

Posted by: pkab | 22 June 2009

How I Mind Map

By: David Emerald

Duration 07:02

Our brain is working in not linear fashion, that is why Concept Map or Mind Map works perfectly with our random brain.

Posted by: pkab | 22 June 2009

Mind Mapping for Efficient Project Management

By: Andi Makar

Duration 08:55, Part 1

Duration 08:17, Part 2

Duration 04:13, Part 3

Improve your project management efficiency with Tactical Project Management’s video on mind mapping and project management.

By: Rene Briceno

@rene_briceno on Twitter, explains how to combine Camtasia and MindManager to create a “Speaking” Mind Map that will make you summarize like a pro and give your audience a higher retention rate and Top of Mind.

Duration 07:11, Part 1

Duration 08:41, Part 2

To know more about Rene Briceno you can visit him at or add him on Twitter at

View Presentation Mode in MindManager 8 then when you are ready to speak Press F9 to record with Camtasia Studio.

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