Posted by: pkab | 6 June 2009

Map Your Way From Chaos to Clarity

By: Patrick Baker

From Chaos To Clarity

From Chaos To Clarity

‘Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand’ – Chinese proverb

The art and science of mind mapping is burgeoning throughout New Zealand as organisations come to appreciate the benefits of working visually to plan and carry out strategic projects. Use of mind mapping software is particularly evident across the commercial sector, in government and in education. Mind mapping encompasses visual mapping and free-form thinking, backed by interactive visual collaboration.

It is revolutionising the way people engage with information, ideas and each other.

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  1. Hi Pkab,

    It’s funny you published an article over the mind mapping in New Zealand. We just created a foundation which uses and teaches the mind mapping techniques and we have contacts in NZ to plan exchanges between Europe and your country.

    Mind mapping is a powerful tool indeed and we are using it to structure our projects, to make presentation, to jot down notes, to help our trainees to settle theirs goals.

    And you, what do you do with the mind map ?

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