Posted by: pkab | 30 April 2009

ScriptMapping™ – Screenwriting and Mind Mapping combined

By: Gideon King

Script Mapping

Script Mapping

What does the Screenwriting Module do?

Many professionals in the live theatre, movie and TV industries already use Mind Mapping and brainstorming techniques to generate and develop story ideas, characters, organize aspects of production and more – but what about something to help capture script ideas during those brainstorming and planning sessions? Without the ability to record these, ideas that have a lot of potential could miss being developed into something brilliant, or even worse, forgotten altogether.

NovaMind Platinum enables Scripts to be attached on any branch of the Mind Map to record all of your ideas – the character names, their dialogue, camera angles, scene settings and more! By simply clicking on the script button you can start typing your screenplay straight away while NovaMind formats your text according to the industry standards.

Screenwriters know that the formatting can mean the difference between acceptance or rejection. NovaMind makes this easy for you by handling the formatting while you, the writer, concentrate on the important stuff – the content!



See the video and read the complete article at NovaMind


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