Posted by: pkab | 13 April 2009

Universal Law: Cause & Effect

By: Adam Sicinski

Universal Law: Cause & Effect Mind Map

Universal Law: Cause & Effect Mind Map

The Universal Law of Cause & Effect states that for every EFFECT there is a definite CAUSE, likewise for every CAUSE there is a definite EFFECT. Your Thoughts, Behaviors and Actions create specific EFFECTS that manifest and create your life as you know it. If you are Not Happy with the EFFECTS you have created, than you must change the CAUSES that created them in the first place… Change Your Actions, and you Change your life… Transform your Thoughts, and you will create a brand new Destiny.

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  1. Sabtu siang Sur ikut acara ulang tahun ke 3 Inspirasi Indonesia dan Book Launching Be Happy tulisan Bro Hing di SkyLine.

    3 Aturan mudah untuk Be Happy (instant without any reason):
    1. Ask “HOW” not “WHY”
    2. Install good program or thought in your 7+/- 2 (Dr. Miller’s Magic Number) slot every morning
    3. Be alert and flexible

    Jangan banyak cari alasan (why me, why this happenned to me, etc), tetapi cari tahu penyebabnya dan temukan caranya (HOW to avoid, HOW to improve, etc).

    Ide menarik: kita yang putuskan untuk bahagia sekarang dibandingkan memilih aku mau BT seharian karena urusan kemarin-kemarin.

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