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Learning In The Brain New World

Learning In The Brain New World

Learning In The Brain New World

IntroductionEducation is quickly evolving to meet the needs of the new Age of Intelligence. Students around the world need the skill of learning how to learn and become mental literate. In this programme you will hear from the world’s most celebrated teacher in the areas of creativity and brain management – Mr Tony Buzan from United Kingdom. He is the founder and inventor of Mind Maps.

Who should attend

Key personnel from the education sector such as school principals, teachers, academicians, educators, education researchers, curriculum developers, faculty head of departments, course ware development personnel.

Benefits to You

  • Understand the basic operating language of the brain and how to “switch-on” the brain
  • Apply the right formula for teaching and learning
  • Know how to unleash the creativity in students
  • Create easy to remember lessons
  • Increase intelligence of students
  • Date: 18 or 19 August 2009 (originally 18 April 2009).
    Seminar Fee: Rp. 500.000,-
    (There will be no refund of fees once registration and payment have been received)

    Jointly Organised by: SIM Profesional Development, Planet EduPro Indonesia and Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute.

    Main Sponsor and Media Partner:
    Metro TV, Elex Media Komputindo

    For more information please contact:
    Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute (SFTI)
    Sampoerna Strategic Square
    North Tower Lantai 18
    Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.45, Jakarta
    Telp. 021-577 2279/577 2275
    Fax. 021-577 2001
    Email: Sasti Purbasari (sasti.purbasari(di)sampoernafoundation(titik)org)

    Enter the Brain New World

    • Revolutions of the Mind
    • We are in the Age of Intelligence
    • Managing the Managers of Knowledge
    • Cause of intellectual Bankruptcies in the World

    The Global Creativity Crisis

    • The worst crisis of all time
    • Does Creativity deteriorate with Age?
    • Impact on Learning: Creativity vs Curriculum
    • Benchmarking Your Creativity

    Brain Based Teaching

    • Basic Language of the Brain
    • The Synergistic Brain
    • Teaching the Brain to Learn
    • Right Formula for Learning

    Teach Less Learn More

    • How our Students learn Today?
    • How our Teachers teach Today?
    • The TEFCAS Formula
    • Mind and Body Connection

    Introducing Mind Maps as a Brain Tool

    • How Mind Map mimics the brain
    • Examples of Mind Maps in education
    • Hands-on Practises

    About Tony Buzan

    Inventor of Mind Maps®, Founder, Buzan Organisation Ltd

    Tony Buzan is the world’s leading author, lecturer and advisor to governments, businesses, the professions,
    universities and schools on the brain, learning and thinking skills. He is the creator of the concepts of Radiant Thinking and Mental Literacy.

    Born in 1942, Tony graduated from the University of British Colombia in 1964, achieving double Honours in psychology, English,Mathematics and the General Sciences. In the late 1960s and early 1970s he worked for the Daily Telegraph in Fleet Street, and edited the International Journal of MENSA. Amongst his 95 best selling books which have sold over 5 million copies worldwide, the classic “Use Your Head” and other books in the Mind Setseries has catapulted him into position as one of the BBC’s topselling international authors. His books have now been published in over 100 countries and translated into 30 languages.

    Tony is advisor to the international Olympic coaches and athletes and to the British Olympic Rowing squad, as well as the British Olympic chess squads. He is himself a prize-winning athlete. He is an elected member of the International Council of Psychologists and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Development. In addition, he is the founder of the Brain Trust Charity and the Use Your Head/Brain Clubs, President of the Mind Sports Council and the Buzan organisation.

    Tony Buzan has become an international media star featuring in, presenting and co-producing many satellite broadcasts, television, video and radio programmes, including the Use Your Head series (BBC), the Open Mind series (ITV) and the recent In Search of Genius (BBC).



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    2. pkab, you keep very busy, I don’t think you need Tony Buzan’s help. You are doing well by yourself.

    3. Dear Marianne,

      Thank you very much for your attention.

      The more I dwell in mind map subjects the more I interesting in knowing God, who creates our magnificent brain, such as in this video

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