Posted by: pkab | 3 April 2009

What is a Mind Map?

By: Michael Tipper

Duration 1:52

What is a Mind Map? Mind Mapping Expert Michael Tipper Explains

Visit Michael’s gret Accelerated Learning web site.

Who am I? Well, my name is Michael Tipper and since April 1998 I’ve been writing articles for Project HappyChild on the latest advances in memory training and improvement.

I don’t claim to be an expert in memory theory but after applying many of the principles that you will see featured here to train my memory, I came 5th in the 1997 World Memory Championships and in 1998, I came 2nd in the same competition and achieved the level of Grand Master of Memory.

Hopefully I’ve already provided a few ideas that you can apply to your own learning and there are many pointers in the articles towards books, tapes and courses on memory and learning techniques which I have found useful.


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