Posted by: pkab | 25 March 2009

The Present Simple Tense

By: Ana Todorovic

And now, in English! Take a look at the mind map! As you can see, the symbol of Superman is used deliberately. The first idea that came to my mind when I was developing the map was to draw a really eye-catching symbol in the central position so that it can easily be associated with the tense given. Why Superman? The initial S is a really distinctive feature of the Present Simple Tense, since it is added to the verb used with the third person singular. In particular, English-learners will often forget to add –s when they use the Present Simple. The central drawing is here to remind the visual types of learners not to forget the most specific fact concerning the grammatical form. As you can see, the purple branch gives a clear illustration of the positive form of the verb given. The ant here represents plural since ants are numberless insects.

Simple Present Tense Mind Map

Simple Present Tense Mind Map

Read the complete article at TT Group.

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