Posted by: pkab | 20 January 2009

FoxTab: 3D Flip your tabs in FireFox

3D Flliping Tabs inside FireFox

3D Flliping Tabs inside FireFox

Great add ons for your FireFox 3+. Watch Video.

FoxTab is a Firefox extension that brings innovative and attractive 3D tab management to Firefox. Firefox users can now benefits from a new level of web surfing experience. FoxTab enables grouping, filtering, closing and switching between tabs quickly and easily. There are 5 fascinating eye candy layouts which you can choose from:

Stack – Thumbnails are 3D-stacked one behind the other.
Wall – Thumbnails are displayed on a concaved virtual 3D wall.
Grid – Thumbnails are aligned on a grid.
Row – Thumbnails are arranged horizontally.
Carousel – Thumbnails are placed and accessed circularly.

FoxTab supports all the major OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux.


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