Posted by: pkab | 18 December 2008

Concept maps Quality Comparison

qualityAccording to Kinchin (1999, p65) there are key characteristics observed in expert and novice concept maps comparation.

Expert concept maps

  • Connectedness Highly integrated structure with numerous cross-links
  • Link quality Appropriate linking phrases which add to the meaning of concepts, using the specialist language of the domain
  • Link variety A diversity of linking phrases illustrating a range of thought processes
  • Dynamism Changes over time, reflecting active interaction with alternative knowledge structures.
  • Concepts Concentration on major overarching concepts to create an overview.

Novice concept maps

  • Connectedness Disjointed structure dominated by linear arrangements in isolated clusters.
  • Link quality Links are often inappropriate. Usually single words that add little to the meaning and using non specialist terminology
  • Link variety The same linking words are used for a number of links, suggestive of narrow range of thought processes.
  • Dynamism Stable over time suggesting a lack of active engagement in knowledge restructuring
  • Concepts Concentration on specific concepts indicating a limited perspective.

Kinchin, I.M. (1999). Concept mapping in biology, Journal of Biological Education, 34(2), pp.61-68.


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