Posted by: pkab | 9 December 2008

BENEfit Sales Champ Methodology

BENEfit Sales Champ Process

BENEfit Sales Champ Process

An optimal sales effect can be achieved if the most important elements of the strategic selling can be linked and redundant data entry can be prevented.

However, this requires that the sales methodology (illustrated in the middle) control to the left the sales planning and to the right the sales processes and these control the parameterization of the Customer Relationship System (CRM) and not as often seen vice versa.

The BENEfit Sales Champ Methodology is the core element of the BENEfit portfolio with regard to the strategic solution selling (‘strategic value selling’). The methodology consists of 5 elements:

  1. Account Development‘: Transfer of methodical and technical knowledge about account assessment, selection of target customers and sales planning by means of the one page BENEfit Account Map‘.
  2. Opportunity Creation’: Training concerning scheduling first appointments with target persons and regarding a sales-effective questioning technique for the identification of sales opportunities.
  3. 3-dimensional ‘Opportunity Qualification’: Web-based interview of all members of the sales team for the determination and consolidation of all points of view in one joint SWOT-analysis.
  4. Opportunity Development‘: Transfer of methodical and technical know-how regarding the quantification of an identified “business case” and concerning project definition with the target customer. Training regarding the understanding and handling of the ‘one page BENEfit Opportunity Map.
  5. ‘Opportunity Management’: Transfer of methodical and technical know-how regarding result-oriented conclusion of qualified sales projects. Special focus on winning so-called “buying centers” and on the selection of the most suitable standard sales strategy.

These modules are supported by efficient sales process designs, supplemented by the one page BENEfit Sales Maps for the creation of sales-effective account- and opportunity plans.

Visit BENEfit to find out more information about BENEFit Sales Map.



  1. Pada dasarnya adalah: ketahui seluk beluk tentang Pelanggan anda dengan Account MindMap kemudian buatlah kemungkinan-kemungkinan dengan Opportunity MindMap. Apalagi di bantu dengan CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dengan tiga tahapannya: Acquiring, Enhancing, and Retaining Customer.

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