Posted by: pkab | 14 November 2008

The Lesson Mind Map

Lesson Planning Mind Map

The Lesson Mind Map

So the objective of that lesson within the curriculum becomes the goal of the lesson, and should have attached to it the exact things that you expect from your students at the end of the lesson – in other words, how do you know when you have achieved your goal?


You then break the goal down into the main objectives, which are the first level branches on your Mind Map. These are the individual skills or blocks of knowledge that you want them to have at the end of the lesson.


For each objective, create sub-branches to identify the tasks that they will do or the things that you will do in order to bring them to the learnings they need to get.


For the overall goal as well as each objective, it is also important to create branches as required to identify the prerequisites for that piece of learning. Where required, it can be useful to use this as a brief review with them before introducing the new material. This means that those previous ideas are fresh in their minds and give them a context for the new lessons.


Also, you should make a branch and as many sub-branches as required for identifying the resources you require in order to complete the lesson. This may include materials, people, equipment etc.


If you are preparing the lesson for someone else, it is useful to add a description of the lesson – perhaps as branch notes attached to the Mind Map title – explaining what the key objectives were, and if you have given the lesson, you can record a critical analysis of how well it went – what was good about it, what was bad, and what would you improve on next time?

You may also want to note a rating for the level of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning as per Bloom’s taxonomy, and also some ideas on follow on lessons either for enrichment or remediation.

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