Posted by: pkab | 14 November 2008

Plan your Lessons using Mind Mapping

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning

What Needs To Be In a Lesson Plan?
The key areas that a lesson needs to focus on are:

  • What do you want your students to learn, and how do you want them to be changed by your lesson?
  • How are they going to make that shift in knowledge, understanding, attitude etc?
  • How will you measure when the lesson has been effective?

The basic structure of a lesson plan is pretty much the same as those produced with the general planning methods. But teaching isn’t just about ramming facts into people’s heads. It’s about drawing them out into an attitude of curiosity and discovery in an environment that will foster their learning.

The Curriculum Mind Map

As per the general planning methods, you set out your goals in the center of your Mind Map. Now for a particular lesson, this will be the learning you want them to get from just this one lesson, but it is important that this is always in the context of the overall curriculum.

So let’s step back and have a look at the overall curriculum. Again, it can be easily mindmapped out into the main objectives and sub-objectives, and then down to individual lessons. So when you come to planning one specific lesson, you are taking a lesson from the curriculum plan and building it out to be a complete lesson plan.

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