Posted by: pkab | 14 November 2008

Multi Map: From Adam To Jesus

Sur insipired with this interesting genealogy that resembles a mind map then try to trace back Jesus genealogy from the root: Adam.

Genealogy and Mind Map

Genealogy and Mind Map

From Adam to Jesus

From Adam to Jesus

Multi Map is something like looking maps in different scales. The first mind map (level 1) has smaller scale from Adam to Jesus (overview). In this mind map there is only short line from Shem to Terah. Then Sur found the second mind map (level 2) that can explain the details from Noah (Father of Shem) to Abram (or Abraham). You can also find the details of Jesus genealogy (still Level 2 that explain From King David to Jesus) through line of Joseph and line of Mary. Level 3 of Multi Map is more deep from level 2.

From Noah (Nuh) to Abram

From Noah (Nuh) to Abram

Picture taken from Noah at H4C and Brillhart’s



  1. Good job!

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