Posted by: pkab | 12 November 2008

Shift Happens

By: Scott Raskin
MindJet CEO

What's New in MindManager 8

What's New in MindManager 8

With companies and workers facing the most challenging economy in decades, it’s clear that uncertainty is the new normal.   While businesses scramble to stay afloat, employees are struggling to prove their value, maintain their edge, and deal with the impact of down-sizing on their work load.   To make matters worse, the very technologies meant to make us more efficient and informed are actually making us less focused, less productive, and more frustrated.  According to a study by research firm Basex and reported by The New York Times, “information overload” was identified as the business problem of 2008 and estimated to be a $650 billion drain on the US economy. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Cisco, and Oracle are all working to try to solve the problem that they’ve helped create. Something’s got to give.

At Mindjet we’re revolutionizing the way people work with information, ideas, and each other. For the last 15 years, we’ve been helping people who want to have an impact unlock the hidden value in information and ideas to stay focused on what’s most important, get things done and drive results. Our 1.5 million users are at the forefront of a revolution of warrior-like information workers taking matters into their own hands. These are the people we’re here to help.

Today we unveil a set of products that we know has the potential to change everything. MindManager® 8 and MindManager Web™ help individuals save significant amounts of time, conquer information overload, work better together, and become more effective

MindManager 8, a milestone release of the world’s most popular mind mapping application makes the possibility of visual thinking the primary mode of working a reality. Our goal with this release is to make mind mapping the “must have” business application. MindManager 8 lets you capture, organize, and act on limitless ideas, data and knowledge without ever leaving your map. More than one beta tester declared it the “perfect personal productivity zone.”

But, just delivering a great tool for current users isn’t enough. Our user base has grown virally but most of the business world is still unaware of the potential of this amazing technique. With the release of MindManager 8, we are introducing the Mindjet Player™. For the first time, fully interactive maps can be freely shared so everyone can discover the power of mind mapping, and unlock its potential to create breakthroughs in productivity and innovation.

Mark Levitt from IDC called MindManager 8 a “game changer.” He went on to say, “Mindjet has addressed one of the biggest hurdles facing the technology today: the inability to share fully functional maps with people who do not own the product. With the Mindjet Player and MindManager Web, this is a breakthrough release that will help many more individuals to see the benefits of, and ultimately adopt, mind mapping as a better way to get things done.”

We’re also excited about MindManager Web, a SaaS application that provides an elegant way to collaborate with others online. It combines the full benefit of mind mapping anywhere, anytime with rich collaboration features like co-editing of maps, secure workspaces, and instant meeting, white boarding and chat.

It’s time for workers everywhere to experience the same results we’ve seen from many of our Fortune 500 customers who are saving their workers up to 11 hours per week by applying MindManager to almost any of their daily tasks. The combination of MindManager 8 for Windows, and MindManager Web powers a new way of thinking, working, collaborating—and getting things done. This release will make it much easier for the world to discover the impact that mind mapping can have on individual and team productivity.

We’re excited to be bringing the world new products that harness human thought in new and dynamic ways. We’re always looking ahead to what’s possible. What’s better for the workplace. What’s next. We’ve worked really hard to bring these critical new products to market and feel fortunate to be able to help in such a significant way. We will continue to evolve and innovate, making positive change for our company and our customers. We thank our revolutionary customers who continue to work with us to refine our products, envision new paths, and help us get the word out to the world.

Viva la Revolucion! 

Source: MindJet Blog


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