Posted by: pkab | 12 November 2008

MindManager 8 Is Out

Dream It. Map It. Share It.

MindManager 8: Dream It. Map It. Share It.

Sur have privileged to taste MindManager 8. It blow his mind with its incredible features. The first thing Sur noticed is red colour like fire (hot and wild) for cooking the ideas from the scratch into the realized thing in better way, as the new tag line says: Dream It, Map It, and then Share It!

The second thing is DataBase Linker. It can connect to various database systems. As simple as as click Insert – Databases – Select Database – Browse a Table – Make simple search – Choosing fields – Add to the Map. This feature will even more powerful if the user can create a SQL query on the database (Sur wish the SQL query thing in the next 8.x version).

Database Connection

Database Connection

The third thing is the Embedded Browser for Web pages and PDF. You can browse your favourite web sites inside the MindManager 8 and create a hyperlink for interesting HTML page that you found into your Map with single click (Add to Map). Even you can edit your attached document (Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint) inside the Embedded Browser, so you can keep your focus even better. Wow… 

Edit your document inside the Embedded Browser

Edit your document inside the Embedded Browser

The fourth thing is Integrated Web Services that can allow you to search Amazon, FaceBook, MySpace, Microsoft Live Search, eBay, and StrikeIron and put the search results on the Map using Map Parts. Imagine you can put your favorite keywords and topics into this Web Services and click Refresh Button the MindManager 8 will fetch news and put in front of your very eyes, ready to be read.

Google Search

Web Services: Google Search

The fifth thing is Automated Task Management. You can monitor your project even better, because you can track down What task and Who make delays, for How long, the percentage of the progress at glance.

Roll-up Tasks

Roll-up Tasks

The sixth thing is MindJet Player that can convert your Map into “live PDF” document as you can see and feel with this What’s New in MindManager 8 map. The seventh thing is the new search capabilities that find your search string even deeper in the attached document. Actually there are more features that need to be explored.

Sur concludes: If you want to do more with less in the most challenging Global Economy, you can not ignore this magnificent MindManager 8 for your productivity. If you can dream it, you can build it!
Mindjet® MindManager® 8 - Dream It. Map It. Share It.Contact Sur at +62.816.118.6693 to arrange live MindManager 8 presentation and demo.



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