Posted by: pkab | 20 October 2008

Porter, mind maps, map of the strategy, productivity and other ideas

By: Carlos Pereira da Cruz

Mind Map Porter

Mind Map Porter

The Economic Daily today, with the article “What good studies such as Porter” reminds us that Porter made the recommendations at the end of his study. 

This is my (Carlos) interpretation of the article, since I walk with your hand in the mass of mind maps of Mr Buzan. By drawing a mind map, beginning to awaken to one of the basic properties of systems, the emergency. When various components of a system interact with each other, emerging new relationships, new properties, new components, as well as Stuart Kauffman demonstrates in his book “The Universe, Our Home”. 

I would like to make few points “rational” to the text of the article: 

“1 – Focus on sophisticated clients 

… Companies need to develop more sophisticated ways to compete by lowering costs through increased productivity or gain additional margins on products in Price differentiated. “So it seems that the conquest of additional margins in the price is also not a way to increase the productivity! 

“2 – To formulate competitive strategies 

The first point is to identify target customers of the company and then choose which position within the industry: low cost or differentiation. Once defined the company’s strategy, its managers must reiventá it to carry out that strategy. “Like a summary of this blog: identify target customers, choose a proposal for a value, then make the whole activity of the organization natural production, but dedicated, obsessed, line, value proposition, making and translating the strategy into action. 

“The demand, production, logistics, marketing and sales, after sales must be efficient.” In proceedings of context, we must be efficient, but in the processes critical to the strategy we have to be effective.Then and only then, it makes sense to talk about cases excellent, those who make the difference among target customers. 

“3 – Increase productivity 

To increase the competitiveness firms must increase productivity through innovation. “BINGO!! How show here.

Source: Balanced Score Card
(Translated from Portuguese into English by Google Translator)


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