Posted by: pkab | 10 September 2008

Affirmation Tree Mind Map

By: Paul Foreman

Stepping outside of Mind Map guidelines (normally one word per line) I (Paul) have created a tree of affirmations based on a great book by Susan Jeffers called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Affirmation Tree Mind Map

Affirmation Tree Mind Map

Whilst helpful, affirmations will also need to be dropped eventually – you need to feel what you are affirming inside or else it remains just words.

Source: MindMap Inspiration

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Clik the image

Buy “Feel The Fear… and Do It Anyway” (2006) book for 11.16 USD at PKAB Store

Patrick D. Goonan ( comments: This is a very good, practical and well-written book that is easy to read and digest. It talks about fear and how fear can undermine you in every area of your life. Practically, it explains to you how to work with fear and re-frame situations in ways that will better serve your short and long term needs.

There are many tips, techniques and practical skills that you can pick up from this text. However, you need to be disciplined about applying them. Merely reading this book, certainly won’t change your life. You need to apply what you learn in a systematic way, but the author provides you with a good structure to do that.


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