Posted by: pkab | 2 September 2008

Enhancing creativity, innovation and cooperation

By: Robert C. Muller
The International Research Institute of Human Centred Systems,
The Old Stables, Greys Hill, Henley-on-Thames, UK


The paper explores the creative thinking process and throws light on creativity enhancement. From the perspective of possible creativity enhancement both the characteristics of creativity and the creative thinking process are discussed, together with an analysis of the process and its common factors. Constraints on innovation (as a special type of creativity), innovation management and the acceptance of change are discussed; creativity between cooperating individuals is also examined. Some possible computer-based tools to enhance creativity, including innovation, are discussed. A framework of facilities to help promote and support the use of creativity enhancement techniques and tools (SOLI) is proposed. The paper is the result of a study undertaken by the author into creativity, innovation and cooperation.

Keywords:  Creativity – Innovation – Cooperation – Sharing – Motivation – Change – Culture – Experience and skill transfer – Problem solving – Computer support for cooperative work – Creative support systems – Information technology – Artificial intelligence – Knowledge-based systems – Networks – Human-computer interface – User modelling

Visit SpringerLink to download the fulltext.


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