Posted by: pkab | 30 August 2008

Mind Mapping Web2.0 in Second Life

By: Nick Wilson

Mind Map of Second Life

Mind Map of Second Life

In its simplest definition, a Mind Map is “a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea”. Second Life’s Virtual Information Technology Group, led by Butch Dae are working to bring that concept into the virtual world. Though as yet the Second Life build is pretty minimal, consisting of some nice graphics of the mind map and some globes that give out notecards and web links, the project isn’t lacking in ambition, wanting to map ” The computational hardware, software, and human systems that handle the ever-increasing amount of available data” and the functionality of the inworld system is in a permenant state of development much like the web2.0 tecnologies it catalogs.

The nice thing is, builds and fancy formats aside, all of the information collected by the project is available free, and is open source and from what I can gather, contains a bazillion nodes of information. Just email and request a copy. There are plans to make it simple for people to add to the database, and integrate web and Second Life much more closely, but for now it’s all “in the works”, though still fun and interesting to see..

Visit the Second Life site.

Source: MetaVersed

Watch 3D Mindmap in Second Life@YouTube


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