Posted by: pkab | 8 August 2008

Inequality – Mind Map

Mind Maps have been produced to introduce topics and give students an overview of key topics being studied. The maps can be viewed as a whole page or, for those who prefer a more linear approach, as a text version.

InEquality Map

InEquality Map

  • Incomes
    • Vertical Inequality
    • Horizontal Inequality
    • Labour Market
    • Tax System
    • Education
  • Opportunity
    • Discrimination
    • Access
  • Physical Environment
    • Natural Resources
    • Climate
  • Assets
    • Raw Materials
    • Capital
    • Human Resources
  • Gender
    • Occupation
    • Income
    • Promotion
    • ‘The Glass Ceiling’
  • Wealth
    • Inheritance

Inequality – Lesson Plan
Inequality – PowerPoint Presentation – Basic version [228 KB]
Inequality – PowerPoint Presentation – Full version [556 KB]
Inequality – Mind Map
Inequality – Activity

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