Posted by: pkab | 18 July 2008

The Global Energy Flux

By: Bruno De Wachter

Which exergy reservoirs are we using for energy services?

The following illustration was published in the brochure of Stanford University’s Global Climate and Energy Program (GCEP). It indicates all the energy fluxes on our planet, the exergy reservoirs, and the points of natural or anthropogenic exergy destruction. It is a fascinating graph that illustrates virtually all of the possible energy sources we presently dispose of.

The Global Energy Flux

The Global Energy Flux

Source: Leonardo Energy


  1. […] Mustinya Pemerintah Indonesia menggalakkan upaya khusus untuk riset di bidang GeoThermal, Nuklir (kalau perlu di Kalimantan yang daratannya lebih stabil dan jarang kena gempa), Bio Massa yang ramah lingkungan (kebayangnya itu dari kotoran binatang atau lumpur jadi “bau”). Atau memanfaatkan Global Energy Flux. […]

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