Posted by: pkab | 25 June 2008

Real Time Map

By: Jamie Nast

Real Time Map

Michael Panebianco is a captain with Southwest Airlines and has contributed several idea maps to this blog. This particular map was created “in the moment”, so I (Jamie) call that a real-time idea map. I’ll let Michael explain in his own words:

This real-time map was created during a phone conversation with a colleague who is interested in developing a stand alone self-defense class, and our guided discussion ended up looking like this. It is not a complete course, but did cover a large amount of relevant material. It starts with Maslows pyramid and works clockwise. It becomes apparent it was done real-time as I left some gaps, and overlapped a few times. I will be refining a final curriculum map that will include the vast majority of the info in this map!

Source: Idea Mapping


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