Posted by: pkab | 3 June 2008

Deus Ex Machina – The Wearable Motorcycle

Deus Ex Machina

Riding a motorcycle is really cool and the adrenaline is a really nice feeling. Well, somebody thought to change the way that the motorcycle will transport you. Jake Loniak, a student at the Art Center College of Design, has came up with a system that will act as an extension of your body.

Deus Ex Machina

His idea came from Biomechatronics and he dubbed his concept as the Deux Ex Machina and will consist of an vertically parking motorcycle that will be managed by 36 pneumatic muscles with 2 linear actuators. The Deus Ex Machina is Yamaha-branded and it will be worn as an exo-skeleton and the helmet will be pneumatically attached.

Deus Ex Machina

The in-wheel motor will be able to power the motorcycle from 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds and it will have a maximum speed of 75mph. The Deus Ex Machina is electric and it can cycle one hour with a recharge time of 15 minutes.

Deus Ex Machina

Source: Device Daily


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