Posted by: pkab | 28 May 2008

Fractal and Mind Map

Fractal Geo Tree 1

Picture 1. Fractal: GeoTree 1
(Click the picture to get large version of it)

Our knowledge structure something like the geo tree fractal. The uniqueness of fractal is when you zoom in a certain area, it will produce the structure (the famous example is Mandelbrot fractal). The main branch is bolder than the sub branches, become fainter as branches go further.

Can you imagine if you dive in one specific branch further (like 4 steps away from main branch of the current picture), that specific sub-sub-sub-sub-branch become bolder (as we move our focus on this sub-sub-sub-sub-branch) and the mind map will show the sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub…-branches
further more. That is like our brain.

God’s creation is very amazing…..

Visit The Fractal World Gallery to see other interesting fractals

Visit also Fractal in Nature.


  1. I have always said we are the fractal … interesting read. 🙂

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