Posted by: pkab | 15 May 2008

Digital Content Issues Map

By: Mark Neely

I (Mark) moderated a panel at last week’s AIMIA conference on The Business of Digital Content. The panel itself explored the alternative branded content model that is starting to emerge in response to the fragmentation of traditional media channels. I was asked by the conference organiser to put together a mindmap of the key issues involved in the digital content industry, and I thought I’d share what I came up with.

There is also a PDF version – email me if you’d like a copy.

Digital Content Issues Overview - Mark Neely

Source: Infolution



  1. You don’t link to the PDF? You link to WikiPedia instead of your MM? You link the JPG to an even smaller version?

    Are you sure you’re awake?

  2. Dear Ben,

    In my blog, I collect concept or mind map articles from various websites. This topic I got the article from Infolution.
    I do not have the original mindmap file. At the end of the article I put url of the source, so everyone can go there to find out more information.

    yes, i am awake. 🙂

    thanks and cheers,

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