Posted by: pkab | 13 May 2008

The Struts-HTML Tag Library

Package org.apache.struts.taglib.html Description

The “struts-html” tag library contains JSP custom tags useful in creating dynamic HTML user interfaces, including input forms.

The tags in the Struts HTML library form a bridge between a JSP view and the other components of a Web application. Since a dynamic Web application often depends on gathering data from a user, input forms play an important role in the Struts framework. Consequently, the majority of the HTML tags involve HTML forms. Other important issues addressed by the Struts-HTML tags are messages , error messages , hyperlinking and internationalization .


Visit Struts Apache to find out more information about those concept maps.



  1. You create ” creating dynamic HTML user interfaces” in blue, and then “The tags in the Struts HTML library” in orange, but neither are links.

    You give lectures on digital contents?
    Is this some sort of joke?!

  2. Oh-wooops, I missed something: the link with which you open your post is broken.

    <a name=”doc.Description”>The “struts-html” tag library</a>

    Are you feeling alright?

  3. […] including input forms. The tags in the Struts HTML library form a bridge between a jsp view and t & 1to1 Media Partner to Define Excellence in Delivering the Customer Experience CRM […]

  4. Dear Ben,

    I am not a lecture on digital contents, sorry. I am using blue, pink, orange colors without think about link. From now on, I will obey not to use hyperlink color as emphasizing something.

    I remove “The doc.Description” thing, because I copied from the original web and paste directly to my blog.

    Thanks for reminding me and your attention.


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