Posted by: pkab | 17 April 2008

The Creative Week

By: Laura

You may recall since my last updates that I’ve had quite a bit going on over the summer: two weddingCreative_week_mind_map1 ceremonies, my husband’s move to America from the UK, and the boys going back to school (whew!). Unbelievably, once the dust settled, I found a new focus on business. I’ve been working on my new product which I’ll be announcing soon!

I thought I’d share with you a mind map I did recently. My husband went back to the UK for a week, and I decided that would be the ideal time for THE CREATIVE WEEK! A week devoted to filling up inspirationally and writing and creating articles and this new product.

Here is a picture of the mind map I made to remind me of my focus for the week. I thought I’d share what I put on the map and how it helped the creative process and focus.

I had several pieces I wanted to write and lest I forget what they were with all this open time – I put them on the map.

Then I listed baby steps underneath each mini-project. For example, Write My Free Article was one piece I wanted to write. To make it easier I listed the baby steps….Pull previous article as a guide, list my additional ideas, expand, edit. Why did I do this? I don’t know about you but I tend to freeze when a project idea is too big. I need the little teenie, tiny baby steps so I can get myself into action. The baby steps typically aren’t hard, and it’s the best way for me to get the flow going.

I gave my Creative Week a theme: Momentum Marathon! Easy, Natural & Fun! (This makes me smile, which makes me relax, which allows for more flow of ideas!)

I also added what I wanted to be feeling on Friday afternoon: I wanted a Big Smile! I wanted a feeling of accomplishment – I wanted to be surprised – I wanted my Marathon to bring more ideas! – I wanted to KNOW that this project IS happening!

Next, I added lots of color. Color always engages me. I added smiling faces of women to remind me of the impact on those joyful business owners who are going to love what I’m up to! And I added $$ signs to remind me that this wasn’t just a creative week…this also had potential to add dollars into my pocket. Both of these icons reminded me (depending on my mood) why I was doing this to begin with.

Lastly, I added some resources: Who I can call for help if (when) I get stuck or talk myself out of my “great idea”. I set up my week for success. I let those people know that I was having a Momentum Marathon and asked for their support. It was wonderful because I could pick up the phone if I got stuck and receive some great championing. I also received several emails throughout the week checking in with me and cheering me on!

I found that posting my map right up on the wall in front of me had me smiling all week, and reminded me of where I wanted to keep my focus.

How could you use something like this for a project you are working on?

I would love to see your ideas for your focus mind maps or other tools you use!

In the creative flow,


Source: Cafe Entrepreneur



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