Posted by: pkab | 17 April 2008

Using Mind Map Creativity Business Tool

By: Kalyan

I used Mind Mapping creativity tool to apply to the problem at hand -“How my MBA in Entrepreneurship/Change Management prepare me for a career in Entrepreneurship”.

Reasons for choosing this creativity methods:

Mind Mapping – By using Mind Maps, I can quickly identify and understand the structure of a subject and the way that pieces of information fit together. Mind Maps also provide a structure which encourages creative problem solving, and they hold information in a format that my mind will find easy to remember and quick to review.

Also Mind Maps are more compact than conventional notes, often taking up one side of paper. This helps me to make associations easily. Also If I find out more information after I have drawn the main Mind Map, then I can easily integrate it with little disruption.

Mind Maps are also useful for:
* Summarizing information;
* Consolidating information from different research sources;
* Thinking through complex problems; and
* Presenting information in a format that shows the overall structure of my subject

Remembering the shape and structure of a Mind Map can give you the cues you need to remember the information within it. As such, they engage much more of your brain in the process of assimilating and connecting facts, compared with conventional notes.

Demonstration of Mind Mapping:
Hope this helps some one who is struggling to decide what to do with their MBA.

Source: Kalyan

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