Posted by: pkab | 10 March 2008

Mindjet MindManager Customer Vignette of Sur

Suryadiputra Liawatimena\'s MindManager Vignette

MindJet MindManager Pro

My First Map: When I gave a lecture on The Pascal Programming: program structure, identifier, data types, etc. The students easily understood the subject through the created mind map.

How I Heard of Mindjet: From a search engine. I found MindManager 4.0. Since then, I’ve been using the product and have shared my MindManager tutorial (May, 2001).

I use MindManager for: Almost everything: preparing and conducting lectures; research; note-taking; presentations; creating paper/ article; capturing customer wish lists for creating information systems, to create web pages; to give consultations; for planning and monitoring the progress of consultations, to discuss idea with others; to make meeting minutes; etc.

Within a Team, MindManager Helps us: Reach a consensus faster. It also helps us in brainstorming, to make decisions, to explain the complex things more easily, to collaborate on big projects and then split the tasks into multiple maps.

Favorite MindManager Feature/Capability: Presentation Mode, Pan & Zoom, Task Info, Power Filter.

My Current Project is: Giving a consultation to educational institutions to influence government to use mind mapping for planning and decision making. To promote mapping at Peta Konsep Anak Bangsa.

With MindManager, I am able to: Jot down my wildest idea and review it later, manage and expand my knowledge better, get thing done in control, remember important thing better.

MindManager has Made my Life: Enjoyable, more creative, more focused.

If I were to recommend MindManager to a friend, colleague, or family member, I would say: Manage your mind with MindManager!

Best advice I’ve ever received: “Get focused and finish what you started! That is why I cannot live without Mind Manager.”

Source: MindJet Customer Vignette

See also Sur’s MindJet Connect Vignette


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