Posted by: pkab | 4 March 2008

Think Before You Spend, Mindmapping for Marketing

By: Dan Keldsen

Think Before You Spend, Mindmapping for Marketing – an interview with Dr. Ian Howells, Chief Marketing Officer with – an open-source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution provider. This interview focuses on mindmapping, how Ian uses it in everyday work and life, and also tangents off into open-source versus closed solutions, David vs. Goliath, Crossing the Chasm, and several other topics. Great fun, this ranks as one of my favorite podcasts of the 18 or so that I’ve recorded thus far. Enjoy and discuss!

MP3 File
Screenshot_from_ian_howells_mindmapping__3The mindmap which Ian prepared in advance of the interview is provided here, feel free to pop-up that window to follow along in the discussion – although this mindmap is only one portion of the direct discussion. This particular mindmap was created with Freemind, an open-source mindmapping tool, multi-platform, and while not the easiest tool to use (in my humble opinion), it is quite amazingly good, regardless of cost.

Source: Delphi Group



  1. Hi – thanks for referencing my podcast interview with Ian. Great fun, and glad you’ve enjoyed it.

    FYI – although you can still get to my blog via the URL you’ve used, the “newer” link is – and as of June 1, 2007, I have joined, after a great 13 year run at Delphi Group.

    Stay tuned for some more podcasts coming up shortly, and if you’re interested in mindmapping, you may find one of my recent presentations on the topic useful as well – see (and comment, download, etc.) that at or back on my blog.

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