Posted by: pkab | 29 January 2008

Publish your Maps on Web Sites and Intranets

Publish it

Web publishers, Corporate Information Managers, and map authors – now there is an easy way to communicate content to your readers in map format! Embed the Mindjet® MindManager® Viewer in Web pages so that your readers can easily view, navigate and print maps from a browser.Supports maps created in Mindjet MindManager 7, MindManager 6 and MindManager X5.

With the Mindjet MindManager Viewer Browser Plug-in, readers can interact with your map by expanding and contracting branches, searching, and following hyperlinks. If they are also MindManager users, they can save a copy of your map and edit it in MindManager software.

Features and Benefits

View Maps – View MindManager Maps without installing MindManager full product software

Navigate Maps – Expand and contract branches to view desired information

Zoom in and out to improve readability

Find – Locate specific words or text strings within a map

Hyperlink to related documents – Follow hyperlinks to other maps, related documents or Web sites

Save a Copy – If you have MindManager installed, save a copy enables you to save and modify maps.

Print Maps

To embed maps in your website, please read the following:

MindManager Viewer Deployment Guide
MindManager Viewer API Documentation
System Requirements for browser Plug-in
Install Plug-in


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