Posted by: pkab | 29 January 2008

Mapping Inner Space Learning and Teaching Mind Mapping

By: Nancy Margulies

You can learn the techniques of mind mapping for yourself and to teach to your students. You’ll be able to use mind mapping for personal note taking, in curriculum planning, in group process in the classroom and as a teaching strategy in daily lessons.

Mind mapping helps you nurture thinking skills and creativity in your students. Your students will have a study skill to help them take notes more effectively create an overview of information; review for tests; create a visual record of their own ideas.

Mind mapping represents a new and significant advance over traditional, linear note taking. Thoughts can be pared down to key words and pictures. Using a mind map, you can record more information on a page and show relationships among various concepts

Ages: 6 – Adult


Source: Therapy Toy Shop



  1. Hi, This is a great book – I highly recommend edition 1 (if you can get it) as the second edition focuses more on mind scaping than mind mapping.



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