Posted by: pkab | 23 January 2008

Corpus Callosum

Corpus Callosum. The corpus callosum is the brain’s largest fiber track pathway. It interconnects the two cerebral hemispheres and is divided, front to back, into four parts—the rostrum, the genu, the body, and the splenium. It is a fundamental structure, and its fiber tracts are essential to the interhemispheric exchange of brain signals, including the support of memory, learning, and sensory functions of the brain.

Source: Robert Schuster



  1. […] Sperry and his students showed that if the two hemispheres of the brain are separated by severing the corpus callosum (the large band of fibers that connects them), the transfer of information between the hemispheres […]

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  2. […] function centers and association fields are located. The hemispheres are connected by a bar, the corpus callosum. Since the nervous system of the remaining body over cross is connected with the brain, the […]

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