Posted by: pkab | 22 January 2008

How to manage the gray areas with mind mapping software

By: Chuck Frey

According to the surveys I’ve done of mind mapping software users, its biggest benefit is helping them to achieve clarity in expressing their ideas and information. The latest issue of Mindjet’s monthly e-newsletter contains an interview with Jerry Manas, author of the book, Managing the Gray Areas, that reinforces this idea. Here are some key thoughts from it:

  • As leaders, we must examine issues from broader perspectives, using systems thinking or what Manas calls “holistic ethics” (an integrated model based on virtues, potential consequences, and principles). Mind mapping software can help you to view issues and challenges from a variety of perspectives, and to explore and understand varying points of view.
  • Systems thinking is all about relationships. Mind maps can help to visually express these relationships
  • Mind maps can employ a variety of decision-making tools and processes, which can help executives to make better decisions.

I highly recommend that you read this article!

Source: MindMapping Blog


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