Posted by: pkab | 19 January 2008

The Limitation of Thinking

The Limitation of Thinking

MindMapper mind mapping computer software helps you get beyond the limitations of thinking. The ability to arrange information from many sources in a logical order has become the most important factor for survival in this modern informational world. The human brain has left and right brain symmetry with its own nature and can process information that initially appears to have no pattern or order. However, the brain has the ability to process visual information much more efficiently.

The old linear pattern of thinking by reading and describing from left to right, top to bottom has many problems in organizing information coming from eyes, ears, etc… For example, the ability to read and understand the context of a book is different from memorizing them simply as sentences. Producing an original composition on a selected topic does not mean plagiarizing from another book but instead involves describing your own thoughts as a sentence. Therefore, the most essential, but also limited, ability to receive information and express your thoughts is to make a habit of extracting essential words and analyzing their co-relation.

Source: MindMapper USA


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