Posted by: pkab | 18 January 2008

HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Global Systems

By: Forward Online

HIV/AIDS Epidemic MindMap

The above is a Mind Map that I prepared for my World Futures course in the Masters of Strategic Foresight program at Regent University. The topic deals with the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, and includes Think Tanks, Publications, Policy and Relief Organizations, and Global Models. This program (Mindjet MindManager Pro) was excellent for Mind Mapping, and had a nice feature that allowed including links in each topic or sub-topic. Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged view.

Source: Forward!


  1. Hi

    Great map.

    You could give your viewers more value by linking or including a clickable image map. You will find this in the web export templates. Then all your links to other web pages will work on the map.

    A big one I did earlier

    And one of a meeting this week.

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  3. Dear Andrew,

    I have tried exporting into a click able mind map, but I can not upload it in the WordPress’ hosting.

    I must hosting myself and then install WordPress Blog program, then I have freedom to upload anything in my hosting site, including Google AdSense.

    Thanks for the sharing your map and idea.

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